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Leading and living with True Purpose: An invitation to clarify your mission and activate your purpose through innerflow’s new online lab

‘Practice makes Purpose’ ~ Unlock your purpose with innerflow’s new online Purpose lab starting in July!

~ an 8 week, 8 online sessions, incubation lab for conscious leaders, entrepreneurs, paradigm-changers, awakening individuals worldwide.

  • Do you want to learn how to define and empower your leadership capacity to uncover and ignite the sense of purpose for impacting lives, communities and conscious business practice?
  • Do you aspire to being a conscious change agent making a contribution by living and leading with greater purpose and clarity?
  • Are there missing conversations in your life, in your workplace, and communities that you are seeking to find a space to hold a new conversation with awakened leaders and like-minded colleagues?
  • Are you a transformation agent, discontent with the status quo and wanting to bring in a new mindset into your workplace?
  • Are you seeking a newfound purpose in your life, that brings greater meaning, depth, and need guidance on how to navigate your inner directionality, leadership and flow of life?
  • Are you a paradigm changer wanting to lead yourself and others to a new destination?


If you are an awakening individual in business, a conscious leader, entrepreneur, paradigm changer, and part of the transformation industry, I am here to work with you in catalysing a significant shift in consciousness in your work and life’s purpose. ~ Anita Craig, founder innerflow.

“When you reflect on what life was like before the pandemic—back then you were a person who was flying through life—and then you discovered that you have an illness, experienced a betrayal, or a loss, and suddenly you are in this liminal doorway, in a totally new paradigm of life, with no real references of sense of direction. How are you going to respond now? You can’t be the person that was before this all happened. What are you going to do now? That’s the journey where I’ve been, and that’s where I’m sensing most of us are. Finding one’s purpose brings back a real experience of authentic belonging, with a course of action that can set one on a truthful and grounded path of living and leading a life that really matters. It calls on who you truly are, and what you are here on earth to be and do. Don’t we all want that for our lives?”

Sign up for this inspiring 8 session lab and gain from Anita’s hard-won guidance on facing times of loss, transition, healing and the path of soul work we are all called to embark upon—to birth our purpose and make a positive contribution towards our world.

Designed and curated exclusively for Entrepreneurs, influencers, conscious leaders, paradigm changer, and part of the transformation industry these 8 sessions will enable you to clarify your mission, birth your purpose blueprint, and what specific changes you need to make to catalyse your next stage of leadership to activate your purpose.

What’s Included:

  • Professionally Guided wisdom and practices to access your intuition to listen to your soul’s calling (inner knowing) and how identify this within yourself to direct your life in leading from your Highest Purpose
  • Tools that assist in mapping out your core Purpose e.g. IKIGAI framework, and a treasury of wisdom and rich content
  • Skills to develop your inner and outer confidence to consciously apply the changes to your life and work’s purpose for successful outcomes
  • Practical Ways to identify and start working on your Highest Purpose
  • Supported Group discussions
  • Bonus: Gain Access to your sessions recordings of the lab & e-manual
  • 1:1 support session with Anita during the lab
  • Network with purpose-filled global leaders and conscious community – from ME to WE


Start Date: Wed 20th July 2022, for 8 consecutive weeks online
End Date: Wed 7th September 2022
Weekly Session Time: 6pm to 7:30pm SAST
Purpose Lab cost: ZAR2,250 p/p excl. VAT p/p

Download and complete the innerflow Online Purpose Lab Booking Form and return to with your EFT Proof of Payment to confirm your booking.

What previous participants had to say:

(Prophet) Dr. S Tjangase
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“Thanks for opening that window for me to open up! I really appreciated the Lanseria lab session – it really blew my mind and I can say I have exploded forwards in my life”
Chantal Dawtrey5th Place
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“The call to ‘Connect the power of your soul with your work’ is very compelling and lights up a warm excitement in me… There was a great deal covered and each element had fantastic questions and insights… The same can be said of the Inner Compass, Ikigai, and Dharma… Working with others always works for me. I am inspired by the engagement and interaction… I want to commend you for a programme with massive potential, longevity and impact.”
Alexander DoddWriter and Editor
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“ What an inspiration and an elixir! Every word (and the spirit behind it) sunk in deeply. Thank you again for your beautiful, spirited teaching and guidance. With love and respect, Alex”

Find time to Connect with Anita 1:1 30min initial connection and clarity call

Connect with Anita 1:1
Dan Coughlaninnerflow community member
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One meets an enduring peacefulness when entering Anita’s home temple. It is a strange experience, not only because of the juxtaposition with Johannesburg’s busy-ness, but because the place has the kind of peacefulness that impresses itself on you. Peacefulness is the tangible atmosphere of the space. This very confrontation, gentle as it is, is an invitation or glimpse into what the space and its curator can offer you. A resilient, hard earned and resounding peace. The cultivation of a space like this speaks to the character of the priestess, coach, mentor and friend who holds, is held by and deepens it with her devotion. Anita is and has been walking her own path courageously and faithfully. Her own lived experience affords a sincerity and deep knowing that is hard to find, and is the greatest solace when one’s own process pushes one past one’s edges, as it inevitably will. What one will find in Anita is a knowing ear and a grandmotherly patience infused with a calm persistence on our capacity to deepen and evolve. The space and its curator work in a similar way. What is available is a context that is rich in potential. This active and loving cultivation of peacefulness affords a context for the unique lightning bolts, contours and sometimes dramatic shedding that characterise an individual’s process. As always, the invitation afforded by the context must be taken up actively, in doing so you will find a knowing guide in Anita, on many levels at once. This place has been a sanctuary for me and its priestess a rare ear through which I can hear parts of myself that are otherwise obscure or dormant. For this and more, I am grateful and glad to give this testimony.
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