Selected Poems: “From Exile to Exaltation”

A collection of poems inspired and guided by the Divine Mother, as penned by Sita.
Copyright 2022 all rights reserved.

Lost the Way

Both Rama and Sita’s faith in both The Mother and Divinity, is sorely tested and temporarily lost in darkness, trauma, shock.

I lost the way to whom I pray
and didn’t know where to find Her
The path has darkened
a nightingale harkened
and with dim and dust
I could not trust
The path to be the path at all
The pathless way
it became for me
Until a lamp She set down
and again I could see
Her Mercy, Her Kindness, Her Grace
and at last, even
Her Beloved Face.


I Take You

Ganga Maa talks with Sita about the journey down Her river to the ocean, and the process of purification and transformation

I take you 
From me to Thee
So as to take you to my sea

Relax My daughter,
In My flow
For here the secrets you shall know

From me to Thee
and off to the sea we go!

The currents, the rocks
The ebb and the flow
Awash and backwash
I flip you around
Narrowly missing stony ground

And then thinking you’re lost
and all out at sea
I bring you back and
to me you’re found

Drink in the ocean
This ocean of Mine
I have turned you 
from milk to ghee
to pure Divine

Now Me you become
And Me you Are
We Dance together
In this Dance forever.

Lightning Strikes

Sita’s new life with Rama had been struck by unexpected bolt of lightning, shattering everything into pieces in front of her eyes

She sat outside, eyes gently closed,
on a wide, spacious and open road
a vast blue sky
gentle sunbeams caressing her skin
content she was
enjoying the fullness around

Life was beautiful
peaceful and loving
a large tree nearby
steady, sure – its presence felt
spanning out branches green
touching both heaven and earth

A sudden wind
twisted about
dark clouds billowed
the sun blocked out

Before she could move
to safety indoors
the heavens let out
a deafening roar

Maa’s carriage and lions drew near
and etched in the sky
did Shiva’s trident appear

Lightning struck
and in its path
it scattered the tree
from its fiery grasp

Fire and smoke
where once the tree stood
she coughed and she choked
as she sat in her place
terror was streaked all over her face

First the shock
then with awe
at what she next saw

Seeds has been scattered
across the bare ground;
new life was released
as the tree had deceased.

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