Elevate your Life, Higher Purpose and Embody the Multi-dimensional YOU.

Your Higher Self is your anchor, an unshakeable core. Align with it, access it, connect to your own channel within… your innerflow.

Elevate your Life
innerflow services

Do you want to live life:






all from within YOU?

Let’s make time to see if this is the right journey and support for you at this time.

If you want to re-direct your Life, Purpose, Passion, Gifts, Work, and live from the place of authenticity, truth and flow, then schedule your connection and clarity call now.

Awakened Leadership:

Bespoke programs & workshops designed & tailored to your (and your teams) specific context, needs, and stage of journey.

focused sessions dealing with priority themes, bringing in the relevant process and tools for the individual leader, geared for inner transformation 

for leaders needing space and time to prioritise themselves, in a highly focused, intensive, and supportive way (group or individual)

customised programs for leaders wanting to invest in a longer program, combining different modalities, with the whole person development and sustainable transformation in mind

a leadership program that integrates the spiritual awakening so many of us are experiencing, with our outer leadership roles, and within the workspace, community and life context

leaders and individuals called to identify, birth and serve with their new purpose and leadership brand. Many are recognising the ‘old self’ is no longer working, and individuals are being called to find a new way of leading and living. Sign up for this if you need support and guidance in identifying your new blueprint, and how to navigate the journey from conception, birthing and integrating it.


Creative, Personal & Spiritual Growth:

Bespoke sessions, programs & workshops designed and tailored for your inner Creative, Personal, Soulful and Spiritual transformation.  

Sessions and programs include an element of meditation, mindful awareness, lifestyle guidance, reflective practices and large doses of compassionate self-care and love!

1:1 sessions in a crafted journey and process, guiding you to specific areas and practices cultivating an integrated, whole-person pathway to a more masterful approach and way of being in response to life, purpose, work, wellbeing and relationships.

1:1 and group sessions in a creative exploration of your own inner creative expression. This allows you to safely explore and connect with your inner intuition, communication, inner voice and guidance, and brings a sense of play, fun and lightness in the process. Great for giving our serious, logical, analytical brain a rest! Sacred art-making is also an option e.g. making your own mandalas, yantras for those wishing to explore sacred art design.
1:1 sessions in developing your own unique connection to Source, and the inner voice of guidance within. These sessions are a powerful way to be still, centred and connect with your Higher Purpose, Truth, and living true to your Higher Purpose. For those wishing to enquire more deeply into their lives, connect with the inner self and divine inspiration within.
1:1 sessions for those with kundalini awakenings and risings, needing support in managing the sometimes overwhelming experience of this; as well as making wholesome, nourishing and compassionate self care and lifestyle choices to honour and cooperate with the divine unfolding process underway.

My Approach


I work WITH you to design personalised programs, sessions and offerings tailored to your unique needs. These are not strategies out of a playbook.

Organic and Structured

I work intuitively, with what arises, following guidance, direct experience, and provide the necessary tools and frameworks applicable to your unique unfolding blueprint and process.


I recognise the power of honouring and encouraging all of the individual’s development and transformation; and the necessity of acknowledging and developing the multi-dimensional human being and client in front of me.


I use heart and backbone with my clients: Love, Language and Leadership in equal measure. These are participatory methods that build trust, consensus, and respect emergence. All is encompassed with holding each client in the light and love of pure consciousness that resides in all.