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If you, or the organisation you represent, wish to sign up for InnerFLOW services, please read the Terms and Conditions below. You will then be guided through a sign up and registration process asking for the information needed to purchase and register with InnerFLOW. 

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InnerFLOW does not guarantee the accuracy or quality of any information or product specific to InnerFLOW materials and other related services: these items are not intended or for use as a guarantee or warranty of success in relating, working and behaving. These items are self-discovery tools and services only.


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Warranties/Limitations Of Liability

Neither InnerFLOW nor Future Leaders of the World Pty Ltd makes any guarantees or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of results obtained, from accessing and using InnerFLOW and InnerFLOW’s practitioners own content, other content, nor any material that can be accessed (via a direct or indirect hyperlink or otherwise) through InnerFLOW.

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